United States: House Unveils $1.01 Trillion Measure to Fund U.S. Government
Negotiators in the U.S. Congress reached agreement on a bipartisan deal worth more than USD 1 trillion that would fund the government through September of this year and avoid another shutdown.

Japan: Current Account deficit widens to record on weaker yen
Japanese current account registered a record deficit in November, as imports climbed. According to Bloomberg, weakness in the yen and extra demand for energy because of nuclear-plant shutdowns are driving up Japan’s import bill, raising concerns on the recovery.

Egypt: Egypt votes for new Constitution
As BBC News has informed, Egyptians started voting today amid strong security measures in a two-day referendum on a new Constitution, which is expected to pave the way for fresh elections. The new charter aims to replace the constitution passed under president Mohammed Morsi months before he was ousted by the army.

Thailand: Thailand crisis: Protesters march as ‘shutdown’ continues
Anti-government protesters have blocked key road junctions and have marched on government buildings in the Thai capital on the second day of what they call the Bangkok ‘shutdown’. The demonstrators who want the replacement of the current government with an unelected ”people’s council”, say that they will continue to protest until their demands are met.

Emerging Europe: IMF sees tepid 2014 recovery in emerging Europe
A senior IMF official told Reuters that growth in emerging Europe will remain weak in particular in those countries with large current account and fiscal deficits, as central banks in advanced economies unwind monetary stimulus.

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