United States: Senate approves U.S. budget bill, ends shutdown threat
The U.S. Senate approved a USD 1 trillion spending bill on Thursday that provides funding for the federal government through September of this year. Attention now turns back to the debate regarding the federal debt ceiling.

Thailand: Thai turmoil spurs pressure for key rate cut
According to Bloomberg News, Thailand probably will cut its benchmark interest rate for a second straight meeting next week as protests to oust Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s government crimp economic growth.

Greece: Greek government aims for February deal with troika
Troika representatives are expected to return to Athens before the end of this month. Meanwhile, the Greek government is preparing for talks so that an agreement can be reached with the international lenders by the end of February.

United Kingdom: Osborne points to a minimum wage increase
As the BBC News reported, Chancellor George Osborne has said he wants to see an above-inflation increase in the minimum wage. The announcement comes amid concerns raised by the Labor Party about economic upturn not being translated into better living standards.

Estonia: Concerns of a housing bubble raised
According to Bloomberg, home prices are surging in Estonia, in an allegedly unsustainable path. The last time that happened in the Baltic region, a property collapse followed in 2008 and 2009, leaving Scandinavia’s major banks saddled with a string of losses.

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