Emerging Markets: Emerging markets split into tortoises and hares: Which will win 2014?
John Defterios, CNN’s Emering Markets Editor, reports that top business executives at this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos are no longer grouping all emerging economies together. Instead of making “sweeping generalizations” about emerging market potential, there is now more discernment about which countries truly have solid growth potential for the years to come.

Thailand: Protest-hit Thailand declares state of emergency
After almost three months of political unrest, Thailand declared a 60-days state of emergency on 21 January, which enables authorities to impose a curfew, ban public gatherings of five or more people, censor media or detain suspects without charge. Despite this, the Prime Minister declared that the 2 February elections will not be boycotted.

India: RBI moves towards monetary policy overhaul
A panel headed by the Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan recently recommended that the Central Bank should make managing inflation its main policy objective and set monetary policy by committee, a shift that would bring its practices in line with many other central banks. In addition, the panel also recommended using consumer prices as the primary measure of price changes and setting an eventual inflation target of 4 percent.

Uruguay: Uruguay’s Economy Will Struggle With Unemployment And Inflation, But It Will Grow 4 Percent In 2014
The International Business Times reports the most recent economic outlook for Uruguay, in which the IMF, the World Bank and FocusEconomics are quoted.

Emerging Markets: IMF warns over risk of capital flight from EM
The IMF claimed that weaker emerging economies are exposed to sudden capital flight with the global economy staying on course to strengthen as expected this year. According to the Financial Times, the concerns came after the IMF raised its global growth forecast, which could swing the relative yields between developed economies and the emerging markets.

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