China: Cross-Straits Affairs Chiefs Hold First Formal Meeting
Authorities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits met for the first time since 1949 on 11 February. According to Caijing, the two sides aim to open a regular communication channel between their cross-Straits affairs departments.

Japan: Financial market volatility may hurt economy
The Japan Times echoed that widespread selloff in emerging currencies, has started to raise concerns over the Japanese economy despite it having shown signs of overcoming nearly two decades of deflation.

Ukraine: Russian rouble slide might lead to further devaluations after Kazakhstan’s
According to this Reuter’s article, Kazakhstan’s hefty devaluation could see other ex-Soviet states follow suit to protect their trade against fallout from a slide in the rouble as Moscow moves to float its currency. In particular, it might move Ukraine into a (further) devaluation of the hryvnia, increasing the possibilities of a beggar-thy-neighbor cycle that could affect regional trade in an already difficult moment.

United Kingdom: Mark Carney set to adjust Bank interest rate policy
BBC reports that the Bank of England will deliver its quarterly inflation report today. BoE’s governor Mark Carney, is expected to change the forward guidance introduced in the August Inflation Report, in a way that the interest rate remains at its record low level for a longer period of time.

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