Eurozone: Business Growth In The Eurozone Accelerates
According to the BBC, in February business growth in the Eurozone accelerated to its fastest pace since June 2011. Last month, the Markit Composite Managers’ Index took a value of 53.3 and the figures suggest that in the first quarter of 2014 businesses will presumably achieve the highest growth in three years. The results also point out the differences among some Eurozone countries: whereas German firms recorded strong growth, French companies indicated that they continued to decline.

United States: Janet Yellen Ready To Do “Everything She Can” To Stimulate The US Economy
As reported by Reuters, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said that, “the economy continues to operate considerably short” of the central bank’s objectives of full employment and stable prices. The speech was in line with what she told last month: that the United States appears to be clawing its way back from the 2007-2009 recession but that the Fed is in no rush to tighten policy.

Ukraine: Russia Advises The EU To Return To Previous Agreement
Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov advised the EU to return to the agreement signed on 21 February by the Ukrainian opposition and the ministers of foreign affairs of Poland, Germany and France, as a way to unblock the stalemate between his country and the West regarding Ukraine, as it is reported by Euractiv.

United Kingdom: UK House Price Rises Accelerating, Says Halifax
BBC reports that the house prices in the UK rose on their fastest rate since October 2007, according to the latest data published on 6 March by Halifax. Improved economic outlook, lower than expected unemployment rate, improvements in consumer confidence and low interest rates have helped to boost the domestic demand.

Scotland: Lloyds Warns On Risks Of Scottish ‘Yes’ Vote
Lloyds Banking Group has warned that Scottish independence could damage the continued operation of its business. The bank is the third major Scottish financial services giant to warn on the risks associated with the vote, scheduled for 18 September. The bank’s statement follows similar claims from giants in other industries such as oil giant Shell.

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