Emerging Markets: Nigeria Overtaking South Africa Masks Poverty Trap: Economy
In this interesting article from Bloomberg, the so-called “resource curse” is analyzed. As Nigeria gets richer, more Nigerians live in poverty. That’s the paradox of growth in Africa’s biggest oil producer, its most populous nation and which, as of March 31, may be its top-ranked economy.

China: China’s Foreign Direct Investment Slows Down In February
Reuters reports that foreign direct investment in China significantly slowed down to USD 8.6 billion in February as compared to USD 16.1 billion in January. This slump is said to be caused by the Lunar New Year holidays.

United States: Fed Likely To Adapt Forward Guidance At Policy Meeting
The Fed is expected to adapt its forward guidance at the policy meeting scheduled for tomorrow and provide more detail about how it will behave once unemployment drops below the previously established 6.5% threshold.

Thailand: Thailand To Lift Emergency Rule As Protests Ease
BBC reports that Thai government is expected to abandon the state of emergency imposed on 22 January amid slowing anti-government protests. The emergency decree will be replaced by the Internal Security Act, though less wide-ranging than an emergency decree, allows the government to impose curfews, put up security checkpoints and restrict protesters when the need arises.

Global: Nine Charts That Tell You Where Life Is Pretty Terrific And Where People Are Miserable
Quartz echoed that the OECD released its “Society at a Glance” report. In this post, Quartz shows some of the most interesting data.

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