Colombia: Latin America’s Surprise Economic Star
A special report in The Financialist explains that Colombia is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign investors not only because of the improved security situation but more importantly because of sound economic policies.

Italy: Europe’s Recovery Depends On Renzi’s Italy
According to this article from CNBC, the Italian economy is at a crucial stage with a new series of reforms being introduced by Primer Minister Renzi. The success or failure of his policies will determine the fate of the Italian economy and will likely have a major impact on that of Europe as well.

Venezuela: Exchange Rate Under Sicad 2 Averages VEB 51.86 Per USD
El Universal reports that the Central Bank announced that the new exchange rate mechanism stood at VEB 51.86 per USD, which represents a 88% devaluation over the official exchange rate of 6.30 VEF per USD.

China: China Faces “Mini Crisis” On Debt Defaults, Former PBoC Advisor
According to Caijing, China is facing a “mini crisis” in its local-government debt market as the country has reported the first case of defaults.

United Kingdom: House Prices Continue To Soar In January
As The Guardian reports, house prices continued to soar in January, with their annual rate of inflation leaping to almost 7.0%. Growing demand–fuelled by government Help to Buy scheme-and a continued shortage of properties for sale are driving rises in all parts of the UK, although data showed a strong difference between London and South-East and the rest of the country.

Hungary: Hungary Interest Rate Cuts Are Winding Down Amid Contagion Threat
As stated by Bloomberg, after 20 months of interest rate cuts, that led to the current rate of 2.6%, Hungary is expected to wind down reductions. This decision was motivated by the fact that contagion from Ukraine caused Hungarian bonds to lose 3.8% this year, placing Hungary among the three nations with highest losses in the Bloomberg Emerging Market Local Sovereign Index.

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