Global: An Agenda For the IMF
Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary and president of Harvard, offers an opinion on what the IMF should be focused on as it gathers this week in Washington. Summers argues that, “a proper growth strategy would recognize that an era of low real interest rates presents opportunities as well as risks and would focus on the promotion of high-return investments.”

Japan: BOJ Keeps Policy Target, Says Growth on Track Despite Tax Hike
MNI reports that the board of the Bank of Japan decided by a unanimous vote to leave the bank’s policy target unchanged while repeating that the economy will stay on a gradual recovery track despite swings in demand before and after the April 1 sales tax hike.

Hungary: Hungary’s Election: More Orbanomics
Kester Eddy writes an interesting article in FT’s Beyondbrics about Victor Orban’s victory in the recent parliamentary election.

India: Two Visions for India’s Economy, Sort Of
India’s national election, which kicked off Monday, is a contest of old-fashioned socialism versus market liberalism, of handouts to the poor versus pro-growth reforms that will benefit all. Right? Raymond Zhong says, sort of.

Ukraine: Ukraine Misses Gazprom’s Deadline To Pay Gas Debt
BBC reports that Ukraine has not paid any of its debt with Gazprom. Over the weekend, Ukraine rejected moves by Russia to almost double the price of Russian gas supplies to the country.

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