Japan: Trade Deficit Quadruples in March
The BBC reports that Japan suffered a large trade deficit in March, underlining a wrenching structural shift for an economy long renowned as an export powerhouse. Moreover, some analysts suggested that Japan’s recent sales tax hike also played a part in boosting imports during the month.

Sweden: Lessons Show Even Deflation Cannot Cure the House Price Bubble
Jeremy Warner, from The Telegraph, states that Sweden became the first northern European country to report that it had fallen into outright price deflation. Warner underlines that, unlike others, Sweden still has its own currency and therefore retains control over monetary policy. Yet, despite these apparent advantages, Sweden now finds itself in much the same boat as the depressed periphery countries of the Eurozone, at least in terms of price inflation.

India: Country Should Embrace Modern Economy Path: US Think-tank    
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) states that India’s economic success is increasingly threatened by innovation mercantilist policies. It argues that India should spur productivity growth in all sectors based on competitive markets, liberalized trade and robust innovation policies to reverse its slow growth, spur global competitiveness, and restore Its economic miracle.

Germany: German Growth to Slow After Strong First Quarter
The monthly report issued by the Finance Ministry says that the German economy will slow in Q2 after an unusually warm winter boosted growth in Q1.

Ukraine: Joe Biden Offers Ukraine US Backing Amid Unravelling Peace Deal  
As reported by The Guardian, the US vice-president, Joe Biden, has met Ukraine’s new pro-western leaders to offer American backing as Washington and Moscow blamed the other for the unravelling of a peace deal that was meant to defuse the country’s deepening crisis.

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