Denmark: Denmark to Reveal Growth Plan
Bloomberg reports that today the Denish government will announce a growth plan aimed to exit the economic crisis. Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon said that the package will include 89 measures to improve business climate and employment as well as to defend Denmark’s AAA credit rating. The package is estimated to comprise an annual USD 1.9 billion until 2020.

Thailand: What’s Next for Thai Economy Following Yingluck Sacking?
CNBC reports that further political unrest will likely break out in Thailand after a Constitutional Court ordered the removal of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Moreover, analysts predict a substantial negative impact on the economy.

Scotland: Economists Warn Scotland Over Keeping Pound if Independence Goes Ahead
As reported by The Guardian, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) argued that if Scotland votes to keep the pound it would be forced into an unstable currency regime resembling the dollarisation seen in countries such as Panama. Economists at thinktank the argue that if Scotland kept the pound, a formal currency union with the UK would be not desirable because the two countries are so different in size.

China: China’s Exports and Imports Rebound
BBC reports that China’s exports and imports improved in April. The figures come as the country is trying to create a growth model based on domestic demand rather than exports and investments.

Brazil: Brazil’s Growth Story: Not a Happy One
Jonathan Wheatley writes an interesting piece in FT’s Beyonbrics blog about Brazil’s growth story, which, according to the author is failing to produce any happy endings.

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