Australia: Tough Budget May Delay Interest Rate Rises
As the Financial Review reports, Treasurer Joe Hockey’s tough budget could delay interest rate hikes until late next year and drive confidence back down to recession levels, as the federal government prepares to issue $36 billion in new bonds to help fund the budget deficit.

India: BJP Keeps Door Open for Post-Poll Tie-Ups
The Hindu reports that the BJP Party said on Wednesday that it is open to any support extended by parties which were not part of a pre-poll alliance even though the BJP combination will get a majority on its own, according to the Lok Sabha polls. The BJP is considered favorite to win the elections that took place until 12 May. Results will be released on 16 May.

Mexico: Mexican Economy is Gaining Traction: Latin Focus Survey
Business and economics media in Mexico highlight the recent LatinFocus Consensus Forecasts report for Latin America: Mexico’s economy is gaining traction (in Spanish only).

Thailand: Thai Government, Election Agency Postpone Talks Over Security Worry
The meeting scheduled for today between the Government and the Election Commission got postponed due to security reasons and no new date was announced. The meeting is of high importance mainly because of the decision to determine a new election date. The government sees the polls as the best way out of the political crisis, although the opposition has threatened to boycott the elections again.

France: European Commission Presidency Debate Focuses on French Economy
According to the EuropeanVoice, the two main candidates of the upcoming European Commission presidential elections, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, centered on the state of the French economy in Tuesday’s televised debate. While Juncker argued that he did not support giving any extra time to France for improving the state of its economy, Schulz adopted a milder position.

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