Eurozone: Robust German Growth Puts Stagnant France in Shade
The German economy grew 0.8% over the previous quarter in Q1 2014, which was slightly more than expected. Conversely, the French economy registerd flat quarterly growth. Analysts said that the result reinforces the view of a divergence between the two countries. (Source: Reuters)

New Zealand: New Zealand Government Projects Return to Fiscal Surplus
New Zealand’s Finance Minister Bill English forecasts that New Zealand will achieve a USD 320 million budget surplus in the fiscal year ending June 2015. The government’s finances have improved by increasing economic growth that has been boosted by China’s demand for dairy products and reconstruction efforts in Christchurch. The government also forecasts rising budget surpluses for the two following years. (Source: Monetary Herald World)

Turkey: Turkey Coal Mine Explosion: Protests Erupt and National Strike Announced as Death Toll Hits 282
Anti-government protests erupted across cities in Turkey, following the explosion of a coal mine that killed nearly 300 people (Source: The Independent)

Thailand: July Elections in Thailand ‘Unlikely’ Amid Crisis
On 15 May, in a meeting between the government and the Thai Election Commission it was announced that it is “highly unlikely” that the country will hold new elections on 20 July. As a result, the election date could be delayed by a few weeks or even longer. The meeting was held amid protests and violence which left at least three people dead. (Source: abc news)

Japan: Japan’s Economy Accelerated in First Quarter
The Japanese economy grew 5.9% over the last year in the first quarter. The result beat market expectations and marked a strong acceleration compared to the 0.3% rise registered in Q4 2013. Moreover, it was the fastest pace of growth since 2011. (Source: Bloomberg)

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