Philippines: The Grim Side of Philippines’ Growth Story
Despite robust economic growth in recent years, unemployment in the Philippines is the highest among members of the ASEAN. Economic growth has not been translated into more job opportunities, and a lack of highly skilled workers and a small manufacturing base aggravate the problem. (Source: CNBC)

Russia: Russia’s President Putin Arrives in China for State Visit
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is visiting Shanghai ahead of a summit at which the two countries are hoping to deepen ties. (Source: BBC News)

Greece: Olive Oil, Honey Could Help Lift Greece Out of Recession
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is encouraging manufacturers of traditional goods such as honey and olive oil to play a bigger role in transforming the country into an export economy. (Source: Bloomberg)

Thailand: Thailand Army Declares Martial Law
On 20 May, the Thai army imposed martial law by taking control of Bangkok’s streets and main government building, which have been occupied following several months of political unrest. However, the move could enrage supporters of the government, especially if it is seen as amounting to a coup. (Source: BBC News)

India: Fitch: Election Outcome Increases Potential for Reform in India
International credit rating agency Fitch announced that the clear electoral result obtained by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its candidate Narendra Modi in India’s elections reduces political uncertainty and raises the potential for economic policy reform. An extract from Fitch’s statement is provided by Reuters. (Source: Reuters)

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