Eurozone: Will the ECB Shoot Itself in the Foot?
Next month the ECB is expected to introduce negative deposit rates, meaning it would effectively charge banks for parking their money at the central bank rather than lending it. The move will come with other measures to combat low inflation and a strong Euro, although some analysts are worried that negative deposit rates could backfire. (Source: CNBC)

Russia: Russia’s Putin Seeks Gas Deal on State Visit to China
Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting China with a major gas supply deal in the agenda. Analysts suggest that an agreement could be reached before Mr Putin leaves China on Wednesday. (Source: BBC)

Greece: Greek Re-entry (or Grentry) Not The Game Changer Many Think It Is
Economonitor contributor Edward Hugh writes a piece on Greece’s recent return to the debt markets. The author illustrates that after drawing EUR 20 billion of foreign demand for five-year bonds yielding under 5%, market participants now believe that the country will not fall back into chaos. Moreover, investors can safely buy new Greek debt without worrying too much about whether they are going to be paid back. (Source: Economonitor)

OECD: GDP Growth Slows Slightly in OECD Countries
In Q1 2014, quarter-on-quarter GDP growth in the OECD countries slowed slightly to 0.4% from the 0.5% recorded in Q4 2013 according to a flash estimate. This reading represented the lowest pace of growth since Q1 2013. While Japan recorded a 1.5% expansion, growth in the U.S. was almost flat. (Source: RTT News)

Japan: Japan’s Trade Deficit Shrinks 7.8% On-Year in April
Latest data show that Japan’s trade deficit shrank 7.8% in April, due to higher exports and lower oil imports. However, purchases of natural gas remained high to help the resources-poor country after the Fukushima disaster. (Source: Yahoo News)

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