USA: The Fed Began Discussion on Interest Rate Rise
The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank started to discuss options for rising interest rates. However, members pointed out that this did not signal an imminent rate hike, but “was undertaken as part of prudent planning”. Since 2008, the Fed has hold its target rate at 0%. (Source: BBC News)

India: Under Modi, Can India’s Economy Take on China?
Analysts predict that India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely push ahead with a significant reform agenda that will boost the economy and help achieve higher growth rates. (Source: CNBC)

Russia: Russia Signs 30-year Gas Deal with China
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has signed a 30-year gas deal with China. Russia has been looking for an alternative energy market for its gas as European sanctions threaten its deals with European countries following the crisis in Ukraine. (Source: BBC)

Thailand: Thai Parties, Military Fail to Resolve Crisis at Meeting
Thai Army Chief Prayuth Chan-Ocha and the country’s political leaders will meet on 22 May to discuss a possible solution to the ongoing political crisis. Prayuth has said that martial law was not a coup and was meant to end six months of political turmoil. However, he has pushed forward with exercising his authority to prosecute against media that spread provocative comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Vietnam: Vietnam PM Says Considering Legal Action Against China Over Disputed Waters
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said his government was considering various defence options against China, including legal action, following the deployment of a Chinese oil rig to waters in the South China Sea that Hanoi also claims. (Source: Reuters)

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