Europe: EU-Skeptical Parties Gain More Support in European Elections
The results of the European elections show that the major political parties lost support and did not achieve one third of votes. The support of left-wing and right-wing parties grew and in some countries they even obtained the majority. While EU-skeptical, right-wing and non-established parties gained 19% of the votes, more than 80% of votes were obtained by parties that support the EU. The impact of this new political constellation on the European Parliament will become clear during the coming weeks when the formation of coalitions has been completed. (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Online, Language: German)

‘Chocolate King’ Hopes for Sweet End to Ukraine Crisis
Billionaire chocolate maker Petro Poroshenko was declared winner of the presidential elections with around 55% of the vote, even though millions were unable to vote in the eastern part of the country. Poroshenko’s top priority is to establish peace and negotiate with Russia. (Source: CNBC)

Greece: Leftwing Syriza Party Triumphs in European Elections in Greece
Initial results show that the opposition coalition Syriza beat the governing coalition New Democracy in the European Elections held on 25 May. Despite the victory, the small margin of victory is not enough to force early parliamentary elections. (Source: The Guardian)

Belgium: Flemish Separatists Lead Belgian Election
According to preliminary official results, the separatist Flemish N-VA Party won the federal elections in Belgium. The Socialist Party (SP) cam in second place. Analysts now expect a protracted period of coalition negotiations. (Source: WSJ)

China: China Eases Approval Process for Foreign Investment
Caijing reports that from mid-June China will adopt a system of “limited approval” and “general registration” instead of the existing “all-round approval” mechanism, the National Development and Reform Commission. (Source: Caijing)

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