Euro area: The European Central Bank’s Options to Tackle Deflation
The European Central Bank is expected to decide on actions to tackle deflation at today’s monetary policy meeting. Analysts point out the following options for achieving this: cutting the ECB refinancing rate to a widely expected 0.15%, the implementation of negative deposit rates, introducing steps to boost lending, stop sterilizing bond purchases, reviving markets for asset backed securities and quantitative easing. (Source: The Guardian)

United States: Data suggests Americans Rejoining Workforce
For the first time in six years, the share of people who either have a job or are looking for one is on the rise in a majority of U.S. states, a sign one of the deepest scars of the economic crisis could be healing. (Source: Bloomberg)

Lithuania: Green light from the EC and the ECB for Lithuania to Adopt the Euro
On 4 June, Lithuania received preliminary approval to join the Euro zone beginning on 1 January 2015, becoming the 19th nation in the euro zone. Both the European Central Bank and the European Commission provide a positive appraisal on the country’s economy. (Source: Lithuania Tribune)

China: Gov’t Makes Two Moves to Ease Liquidity – Selectively
Caixin reports that the Central Bank will lower the reserve requirement ratio for different banks under certain conditions. In addition, the Bank has started collecting information from banks to draft a policy that will require financial institutions to rate their corporate clients. (Source: Caixin)

Germany: Germany to Set New Rules for Fracking
The German government plans to set new rules in the coming weeks to carry out the controversial process for extracting the country’s estimated 2.3tn cubic meters shale gas reserves. The rules are expected to impose tight restrictions on the technique and come on the back of mounting pressure from businesses’ demands that Germany should reduce its dependence on Russian energy and boost competitiveness with US manufacturers. The same technique has led to a shale gas boom in the United States. (Source: Reuters)

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