China: China Loosens Monetary Policy
Next week, the Chinese Central Bank will cut the reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points for some banks. The measure is aimed to help achieve the 7.5% growth target and will apply to approximately two thirds of commercial banks in urban areas and 80% of banks in rural areas. (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Language: German)

Euro: ECB Creating ‘Dangerous’ Bubbles: German Think Tank
A report by the German economic think-tank ZEW (Center for European Economic Research) details its concerns about surging asset prices which are creating dangerous bubbles. (Source: CNBC)

India: India Can Pare Fiscal Deficit Without Hurting People – Patnaik
According to a senior finance ministry official, India can trim its fiscal deficit without causing pain to people despite the economic slowdown, high inflation and fiscal consolidation. In addition, the official said that there were enough leakages in schemes and excess subsidies to cut the government deficit. (Source: Reuters)

Japan: ‘Bad inflation’ Shadows Japan
The Japan Times warns that the Japanese economy is stalling as the yen’s depreciation is driving up import prices, while wages are declining. (Source: Japan Times)

Europe: Merkel and Cameron in Battle Over European Commission
Top European political leaders are gathered in Sweden for a series of talks, with disagreement likely to surface during discussions about the next head of the European Commission. (Source: BBC)

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