United Kingdom: UK Unemployment Falls but Wage Growth Still Lags
A record rise of 345,000 new jobs during the February-April period pushed the unemployment rate down to 6.6% in the U.K., a level it has not equaled since January 2009. (Source: The Independent)

South Korea: South Korea’s Central Bank Leaves Rate Unchanged to Foster Growth
South Korea’s Central Bank hold its key rate in order to support economic growth as low investment and the strong Won cloud the outlook for the country’s growth prospects. (Source: Bloomberg)

China: China’s New Loans Top Estimates in Boost for Economic Growth
China’s new yuan loans and money supply topped estimates in May as the government supports economic growth while reining in shadow banking. (Source: Bloomberg)

Brazil: Brazil Economy in Slowdown Ahead of World Cup
In the first quarter, the Brazilian economy grew 0.2% over the previous quarter, which came in below the revised 0.4% increase observed in Q4. The sluggish growth figures come just before the start of the World Cup and presidential elections in October. (Source: BBC)

Thailand: Thai Army Adopts Thaksin-Style Populist Steps to Spur Growth
Thailand’s economic outlook has improved since the Thai Junta has applied some economic measures to revive the economy. They are adopting some populist measures that drove the political success of the former premier Thaksin Shinawatra. A focal point is the paying of about 800,000 farmers their overdue payments which total USD 2.8 billion. (Source: Bloomberg)

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