Eurozone: IMF’s Lagarde Urges ECB to Consider QE
Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, is encouraging the ECB to introduce quantitative easing measure if inflation in the single currency bloc remains low for a protracted period. (Source: CNBC)

Vietnam: China Moves Second Oil Rig Near Vietnam
China is planning to send a second oil rig in the south Chinese sea close to Vietnam. The move is a sign of escalation of the dispute between the two countries which started on 1 May. (Source: VOA News)

Argentina: What Will Argentina Do With Its Vultures?
Matt Levine writes in Bloomberg View that Argentina needs to either negotiate a settlement with Elliott over billions of dollars in unpaid debt in the next two weeks, or default on its current debts on June 30. But he also states that although this seems bad for Argentina, it will almost put the country in a stronger negotiating position than Elliott.

Mexico: The PAN Party Slows Energy Reform Talks as the Government Does not Accepts Political Reform The National Action Party recently conditioned its participation in the discussion of the energy reform by-laws as the ruling PRI party is desisting from changing the electoral reform bill. The electoral reform was a pre-condition from the PAN to pass the energy reform. (Source: Infolatam) (Language: Spanish).

Japan: Bank of Japan Governor Says that Monetary Stimulus Exerts Desired Effects
Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda stated that the Central Bank’s monetary stimulus has achieved the expected results as both the economic recovery and price developments were improving. Furthermore, he said that in his opinion the inflation scenario was not affected by April’s sales tax hike. (Source: Reuters)

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