Japan & India: Why Abenomics and Modinomics are Poles Apart
The Primer Ministers of Japan and India, Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi, are both pushing aggressive economic agendas but with notably different objectives. (Source: CNBC)

United States: 3 Reasons not to Freak Out about -2.9% GDP
Despite the terrible economic performance in Q1 most analysts are not expecting another crisis. Unusually cold winter weather and lower than expected healthcare spending associated with the new Affordable Care Act, as well as improved data since March, suggest that the economy is in fact headed in the right direction.

Albania: Albania Holds Rates at Record Low – Central Bank
The Central Bank of Albania held its benchmark rate at a record low of 2.5%, citing that this level would help inflation return to its 3 percent target. (Source: Reuters)

France: France Business Confidence Continues To Decline
According to the National Statistics Institute (Insee), France’s manufacturing sentiment fell unexpectedly for the second consecutive month in June as business executives were markedly less optimistic about the production outlook. (Source: MNI)

United States: US Eases Oil Export Restrictions
The US has given permission to two firms to export ultra-light oil, after restricting oil export since mid-1970s in response to the Arab oil embargo. Analysts say that the ruling could see US oil exports increase in the short term (Source: BBC)

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