Indonesia: New Breed Starts to Muscle in on Indonesia’s Old-Style Patronage Politics
Joko Widodo, widespread favorite to win the presidential elections in Indonesia on Wednesday, represents a new a new breed of politician that is pushing out the old guard. (Source: Reuters)

Ukraine: Ukrainian Accession to NATO is not on Current Agenda
Ukraine’s Presidential Administration deputy head Valeriy Chaly said that It is not the right time to speak about a change in the non-aligned status of Ukraine. (Source: Interfax)

Greece: Greece Resists Troika on Third Bailout as Draghi Protests Delays
Greece has ruled out the possibility of a third bailout after Euro area finance ministers met yesterday. According to the authorities, the debt relief is the only reward that the troika could give to Greece if the country meets its commitments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Japan: Japan Posts Fourth Consecutive Current Account Surplus
In May, Japan recorded a JPY 522.8 billion surplus, which overshot both April’s JPY 187.4 billion surplus and market expectations of a JPY 429.9 billion surplus. Moreover, the reading represents the fourth consecutive surplus. (Source: RTT News)

Germany: German Exports and Imports Fall More than Expected in May
German exports and imports dropped much more than expected in May, coming on the heels of other soft indicators that have signaled Europe’s largest economy is losing momentum. (Source: Reuters)

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