Indonesia: Tough Juggle Ahead for Indonesia’s New President
Indonesia’s Joko Widodo emerged victorious in the most closely-contested presidential elections in the country’s democratic history, and now faces the onerous task of implementing reforms while appeasing coalition partners. (Source: CNBC)

Latin America: China Stomps on Latin America
Miami Herald’s columnist Andres Oppenheimer writes about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Latin America. According to Oppenheimer, Xi Jinping arrived to the region announcing new trade and investment agreements, which will boost China’s trade with the region. However, the author underlines that recent trade data tell a different story and suggest that the most relevant part of Xi’s visit to the region were the political agreements rather than economic. (Source: El Nuevo Herald, Language: Spanish)

Indonesia: How an Outsider President Plans to Fix Indonesia’s Struggling Economy
Quartz analyzes the consequences of Joko Widodo’s victory in the July Presidential Election. According to Quartz, he should focus on the country’s current account deficit, the USD 20 billion annual fuel subsidies, infrastructure and rice production.

Eurozone: Sovereign Debt Markets in Turbulent Times: A View of the European Crisis
Four prominent economists publish a piece in which they propose a theory to explain the severe financial problems that Eurozone periphery faced in 2010. (Source: Vox EU)

United Kingdom: UK House Sales in June Highest Since 2007
UK property sales in June hit their joint highest monthly total since the financial crisis began, figures show, but sales among young adults are low. (Source: BBC News)

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