France: Unemployment Inches Up Slightly in France
The number of unemployed persons in France rose by 9,400 or 0.3% in June and the total number of jobless people reached 3.4 million in the same month. (Source: Market Watch)

India & United States: Kerry to Woo Modi’s India, but Quick Progress Unlikely
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visits India this week as Washington tries to revitalize ties it sees as a counterbalance to China’s rising power, but rapid progress is unlikely, despite the reformist reputation of India’s new leader. (Source: Reuters)

Japan: Making Abenomics Work
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe started a visit to five Latin America countries in an attempt to boost Japan’s falterning exports. The fact that Japan needs to prop up the external sector, after the country weakened the yen last year, implies that Abenomics isn’t yet working as hoped. (Source: Bloomberg)

Sweden: Swedes in Household Debt Binge Seen Provoking Policy Slap
After the Swedish Central Bank cut its policy rate by half percentage points three weeks ago, latest credit report shows that households are borrowing at the fastest pace in almost three years. According to the government the higher credit growth and the high household indebtedness are problematic. This increases the pressure on the Central Bank to cut further the interest rate. (Source: Bloomberg)

Russia: Russia Ordered to Pay $50B to Yukos Shareholders
An arbitration court in the Netherlands on Monday ruled in favor of shareholders in defunct Russian oil giant Yukos, ordering Moscow to pay roughly $50 billion in damages. (Source: CNBC)

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