European Union: EU Extends Sanctions Against Russia
On Monday the European Union member states decided to extend sanctions against Russia; among others they have amplified the list of people and organizations subject to travel bans and blocked more bank accounts. (Source: Handelsblatt, Language: German)

United States: Why the Fed Could Start Raising Rates Sooner than You Think
An improving economy could force the Fed to shift into rate hiking gear sooner than it would like. While a move to higher rates sooner is not a majority view, it is one that has been picking up momentum. Others see the Fed holding off on rate hikes until late next year, but then hiking much more aggressively than expected. (Source: CNBC)

Argentina: Argentina Debtholders Offer to Waive Clause
According to news from the Financial Times, the group of Argentina’s creditors holding “restructured” debt have offered to waive a clause that would help the country avoid a default. The Financial Times cited unnamed sources. (Source: Reuters).

United Kingdom: David Cameron Announces Immigration Benefits Crackdown
The British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to announce soon tough measures to crackdown on migration. New laws will ensure that migrants from the EU can only claim out-of-work benefits for three months. In addition, more than 500,000 job offers advertised abroad will be stopped, while getting a visa for students will become more difficult. (Source: Telegraph)

Sweden: Krugman Joined by Exporters in Criticizing Riksbank
A growing number of Sweden’s biggest industrial companies are joining critics of the central bank in saying policy makers have done too little to weaken the krona to help boost exports and eradicate deflation. (Source: Bloomberg)

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