Argentina: South American Leaders Rally Over Argentinian Debt
South American leaders have rallied behind Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, who is locked in a legal battle with holdout investors that could trigger a debt default this week. (Source: CNBC)

China: China’s Regional Data Points to Stronger Economic Performance in Q2
China’s regional data points to an acceleration in the country’s economic growth in the second quarter as 23 of 30 provinces recorded a accelerations in GDP as compared to the previous quarter. (Source: Reuters)

China: Theories on Zhou Yongkang’s Takedown, and a Brief History of Chinese Purges
On 29 July, the Communist Party’s Central Committee announced an investigation into former security chief Zhou Yongkang – China’s third most powerful man until he retired in 2012. This article by Quartz analyzes President Xi Jinping’s move to crackdown on corruption. (Source: Quartz)

Japan: Japan’s Output Drops most Since 2011 as Consumers Spend Less
Industrial production in Japan dropped sharply in May, as the manufacturing sector has cut back in response to a slump in consumer spending and a failure of exports to pick up. (Source: The Japan Times)

Spain: Spain Growth Beats Bank of Spain Estimate Even as Prices Fall
According to the latest economic data, in Q2, the Spanish economy grew 0.6% over the previous quarter. The expansion was slightly up from the 0.5% increase that the Central Bank expected. The acceleration in growth came on the back of an improvement mainly in domestic demand. ( Source: Bloomberg)

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