United States: Weak Home Sales Data Show that U.S. Economy Lacks Momentum
The pace of new U.S. home sales dropped to the lowest level in four months in July, which hints to the fact that the real estate market lacks momentum to foster economic growth. (Source: Bloomberg)

France: François Hollande Gambles on Excluding Socialist Dissidents
French president François Hollande took the biggest gamble of his two-year-old presidency on Monday by ordering his reformist prime minister to form a new government which will exclude Socialist dissidents demanding an end to economic austerity policies dictated by Germany. (Source: The Guardian)

Singapore: Balmy Singapore Contends with Rising Protests
Singapore is synonymous with efficiency and order but rising discontent sparked a recent wave of protests, raising questions about social stability in the tightly controlled city-state. (Source: CNBC)

Ukraine & Russia: Slim Chance of Progress as Russian and Ukrainian Leaders Mee
Divided by mistrust and mutual recriminations, the Russian and Ukrainian leaders will hold rare talks on Tuesday that offer only a slim hope of progress towards ending five months of separatist war in Ukraine. (Source: Reuters)

United Kingdom: Service Sector Growth Slowed in Latest Quarter, CBI Says
According to the latest survey by CBI, growth in the service sector in the UK slowed in the three months to August. However, this doesn’t mean a gear change in the recovery. In fact, optimism among firms in the sector remains strong. More than a quarter of them had plans to increase investment and hire more people. (Source: BBC)

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