Indonesia: Five Reasons Indonesia May Hike Fuel Prices
High fuel subsidies, long the albatross of Indonesia’s finances, may go under the knife sooner, rather than later, as some analysts expect the lame-duck president to pre-empt his successor. (Source: CNBC)

Brazil: Brazil Holds TV Presidential Election Debate
Candidates in Brazil’s presidential election have taken part in the first televised debate of the campaign. (Source: BBC)

Sweden: Sweden’s Debt Targets Slide as Job Losses Steal Election Agenda
According to Sweden’s largest opposition party, which is expected to win September’s elections, the main focus of the government will be job creation. However, a 1.0% of GDP surplus goal, won’t be reached until 2018. (Source: Bloomberg)

Japan: More Caution Needed on Next Tax Hike: Japan Vice Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura
Vice Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said he was concerned that the drag on consumption from the April 1 tax hike is proving prolonged and that the government is ready to roll out fresh fiscal stimulus to support the economy. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to decide around the end of the year whether to proceed with a plan to raise the tax to 10% next year in a bid to cut government debt. (Source: The Economic Times)

France: France Cheers its New Economy Minister – but It Isn’t Out of the Woods Yet
France’s President François Hollande revealed his new cabinet. Emmanuel Macron, a 36-year-old former Rothschild investment banker and star technocrat, has been appointed as the new economy minister. (Source: The Telegraph)

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