United States: Fed could toughen policy stance as ECB takes easy money baton
The European Central Bank’s full throttle easing program comes as the Fed backs away from its easy ways, and the distinction between the two could become even greater when the Fed meets later this month—meaning higher U.S. rates and a stronger dollar. (Source: CNBC)

Eurozone: Draghi Sees Almost $1 Trillion Stimulus as QE Fight Waits
In its monetary policy meeting held on 4 September, ECB President Mario Draghi pledged to “significantly steer” the European Central Bank’s balance sheet back toward the 2.7 trillion euros of early 2012 from 2 trillion euros now. Draghi also announced a final round of interest-rate cuts and a plan to buy privately owned securities. His mission: to revive inflation in the 18-nation euro area. (Source: Bloomberg)

Venezuela: Cabinet Reshuffle in Venezuela; Maduro adjourns Economic Measures
President Nicolas Maduro has reshuffled his cabinet in an attempt to boost his popularity but adjourned economic measures to revamp the economy. (Source: El Universal)

Japan: Aso Signals Japan Prepared to Boost Stimulus for Growth
Finance Minister Taro Aso stated that the government must be ready to act immediately if the economy fails to recover despite the country’s heavy debt burden. (Source: Bloomberg)

China: Credit Crunch Is No Reason to Resort to Old Ways
The Caixin editorial warns that turning on the spigot would not solve fundamental problems–themselves the result of aggressive stimulus. Instead, the way to fundamentally solve the problem of a credit crunch is to accelerate the government’s program of economic restructuring and systemic reforms, to nurture new drivers of economic growth. (Source: Caixin)

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