China: China’s yuan weakens
China’s yuan weakened as a consequence of the Central Bank’s decision to lower the midpoint and weak foreign direct investment figures. (Source: Business Recorder)

Global: OECD slashes growth forecasts, urges aggressive ECB action
The OECD slashed its growth forecasts for major developed economies. In the Eurozone the OECD projected growth at only 0.8% this year and rising only slightly next year to 1.1%. (Source: Reuters)

Argentina: Argentina Sees 2.8% Growth in 2015 Budget on Expanding Exports
According to the 2015 budget, the government expects the economy to expand 0.5% this year and 2.8% in 2015, while inflation is expected to drop from 21.3% in 2014 to 14.5% in 2015. (Source: Bloomberg)

United Kingdom: Scottish independence exclusive: Millions of banknotes sent to Scotland in case Yes vote sparks run on ATMs
British banks have urged to send millions of banknotes to Scotland in case a Yes vote on Thursday’s referendum causes a bank run. However, bankers have pointed out that has been no sign yet of any increase in the amount of withdrawals from deposit accounts or ATMs as the Bank of England has promised to stay behind all accounts for at least 18 months after a “yes” vote. (Source: The Independent)

Sweden: Sweden’s Election Deadlock Sets Stage for Budget Talks Failure
With a hung parliament now a reality in the largest Nordic economy, Swedes may be facing a breakdown in crafting a budget just three months from now. (Source: Bloomberg)

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