USA: Dollar Jumps to Six-year Peak Against the Yen
Japanese shares soared and the dollar reached a six-year peak against the Japanese yen after the Federal Reserve Bank’s outlook to hike interest rates pointed out diverging directions of the US and the rest of the rich countries. (Source: Reuters)

Scotland: Scotland’s Day of Reckoning: the Polls Are Open
Polling stations have opened on a historic day for Scotland as voters determine whether the country should remain part of the United Kingdom. The result is expected to be known tomorrow morning. (Source: Herald Scotland)

Venezuela: Venezuela’s State-Run Banks to Be Merged
On 17 September, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that all state-owned banks will be merged to establish only five state-run banks, which will focus on different areas. (Source. El Universal)

China: Nudging China toward Overall Governance Reform
In recent weeks, Chinese authorities made bold statements to strenghten the country’s governance. According to Caixin’s editorial, to succeed, the government must be clear in its understanding, skilful in its execution and be able to seize the right timing for change. And it must not back down in the face of opposition.

New Zealand: New Zealand Economy Grows Fastest in 10 Years as Election Looms
In the second quarter, New Zealand’s GDP grew at the fastest pace in 10 years as the country holds elections this weekend. Prime Minister John Key, who is looking for a third term, is promising sound economic management, budget surpluses and modest tax cuts in 2017. (Source: Bloomberg)

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