Scotland: Scotland Votes ‘No’ to Independence in Historic Referendum
Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom — along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland — following a historic referendum vote. A majority of voters rejected the possibility of Scotland breaking away and becoming an independent nation. (Source: CNN)

India: Modi’s $53 Billion Xi-Abe Windfall Hinges on Red Tape War
Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday in New Delhi pledged $20 billion in investment for Modi over the next five years to narrow India’s largest trade deficit with any single country. That adds to the $33 billion in loans and investment Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised on Sept. 1. Modi’s ability to draw funds from Asia’s two biggest economies is crucial to meeting his $1 trillion investment target by 2017 to revive Indian growth lingering near a decade low. Doing so will require him to streamline a bureaucracy that held up more than $350 billion in projects under former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who lost power to Modi in May. (Source: Bloomberg)

United Kingdom: PM Unveils Proposals for Rest of UK
Following the results of the independent vote in Scotland, Uk’s Prime Minister David Cameron unveiled proposals to allow not only Scotland but also England, Welsh and Northern Ireland to vote alone on policies only impacting their voters. (Source: Daily Mail)

Eurozone: Eurozone’s Current Account Surplus Stable in July
The current account surplus of the Eurozone remained broadly stable in July, as it rose marginally from June’s EUR 18.6 billion to EUR 18.7 billion, according to data from the European Central Bank. (Source: Reuters)

Brazil: Silva and Rousseff Locked in Tie for Brazil Runoff, Poll Shows
Ahead of the Brazilian presidential election, recent opinion polls suggest that opposition candidate Marina Silva is tied with President Dilma Rousseff in the second round of Brazil’s October presidential election. Silva would win 46 percent of votes in a runoff, statistically tied with Rousseff, who has 44 percent of voter support, according to the poll published in the digital edition of the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. (Source Bloomberg)

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