Germany & France: What France and Germany can learn from each other
The relationship between the euro zone’s two leading members has wobbled in recent months due to different economic and fiscal approaches. But as France’s Prime Minister visits Germany, experts say the countries could learn a few economic lessons from each other. (Source: CNBC)

Brazil: Improvement of Brazilian economy depends on U.S. growth: Rousseff
Any improvement of Brazil’s economy will depend on the U.S growth, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said in a televised interview Monday. (Source: Global Post)

Latin America: Pacific Alliance Nations Seek Trade Agenda With Mercosur
The four presidents of Latin America’s $2.1 trillion Pacific Alliance bloc said integration is a tool for fighting inequality and they will seek a common agenda with the Mercosur group, led by Brazil and Argentina. Pacific Alliance officials plan to meet with Mercosur counterparts in November to discuss areas of agreement. (Source: Bloomberg)

Canada: Dollar drops after Bank of Canada deputy says economy still needs stimulus
Canada’s struggling economy still needs the extra boost of monetary stimulus to help keep the recovery on track, and it might take longer than expected to get there, Bank of Canada senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins said Monday. She said “persistent headwinds” could mean that “some degree of stimulus” will be needed to keep inflation on target, even after the economy returns to full capacity. (Source: CBC)

China: Chinese cities revamp mortgage rules to boost realty sector
Those who have paid off their mortgage can be classified as first-time homebuyers and can enjoy a mortgage rate as low as 70% of the central bank’s benchmark rate. (Source: Caijing)

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