China: What a change of guard at PBOC would mean for markets
A change of guard at China’s central bank is unlikely to herald a major shift in monetary policy but could alter the pace of financial reforms, economists say. (Source: CNBC)

Ukraine & Russia: As Ukraine’s debt tangle unwinds, Russia holds key thread
A selloff on Ukraine’s dollar debt is focusing attention on a controversial $3 billion bond held by Russia, raising investor concerns that President Vladimir Putin could use the issue to trigger a cascade of defaults across Kiev’s sovereign Eurobonds. (Source: Reuters)

USA: Dollar rises as Chinese metals drop on fraud
While the US dollar reached the highest value in four years after new-home sales data showed the economy’s strength, Chinese shares, industrial metals and the yuan fell after China stated that it uncovered a USD 10 billion trade fraud (Source: Bloomberg).

India: PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ pitch to extend red carpet for investors
Before he embarks on his high profile US visit slated from September 26-30, Modi will launch the ‘Make in India’ campaign at a mega event here today in the presence of leading industrialists and business leaders. The campaign is aimed at making India a manufacturing hub, and the government is pulling out all the stops for ensuring a smooth sailing for investors, by setting up a dedicated cell to answer queries of business entities within 72 hours. It will also closely monitor all regulatory processes to make them simple and reduce the burden of compliance. (Source: The Times of India)

New Zealand: Wheeler Says Kiwi May Fall as Intervention Criteria Cited
According to New Zealand’s Governor, the Central Bank is preparing to sell the nation’s dollar in an attempt to weaken it. The Governor added that the current level is unjustified and unsustainable. (Source: Bloomberg)

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