India: Modi Promises US CEOs A Return To Market Reforms
Prime Minister Narendra Modi told nearly a dozen U.S. company chiefs on Monday that he is committed to liberalizing his country’s economy, which has underperformed other emerging markets recently after years of breakneck growth. (Source: International Business Times)

Hong Kong & China: Who Needs who the most: Hong Kong or China?
Protesters in Hong Kong banging the drum against Beijing’s administration are getting a lot of international exposure, but the outcry may mask the territory’s fading importance to the mainland. (Source: CNBC)

United Kingdom: U.K. Consumer Confidence in Stasis as Recovery Impact Hits Limit
Britain’s strengthening economic recovery has reached the limit of how much it can lift the mood of consumers, according to GfK NOP Ltd. (Source: Bloomberg)

Argentina: Argentina Found in Contempt by N.Y. Bond Fight Judge
Argentina was found in civil contempt of court by a U.S. judge as it prepares to shift control over payments of its restructured debt from New York to Buenos Aires. (Source: Bloomberg)

European Union:
New EU Team Starts Hearings for Parliament’s Approval
The European Union’s new executive began a nine-day series of confirmation hearings in parliament on Monday that will fix the shape of a management team that hopes to revive the EU economy and regain the trust of voters. (Source: Reuters)

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