France: French Budget Sets out Deficit Cuts but ‘No Austerity’
The French government unveiled its 2015 budget on Wednesday, setting out how it would bring its public deficit to within EU limits two years later than planned in what it said was a plan that fitted the weak economic environment. (Source: CNBC)

United States & Brazil:
US, Brazil To Resolve Decade-Long Trade Dispute Over Cotton Subsidies: Reports
The U.S. and Brazil have settled a long-standing trade dispute regarding subsidies that Washington provided to American cotton growers, Associated Press, or AP, reported, citing a source. The dispute has colored relationships between the two countries since 2002. (Source: International Business Times)

Argentina: Argentina Defies U.S. Court Order by Depositing Debt Payment
Argentina deposited a $161 million bond interest payment with a newly appointed local trustee on Tuesday, the Economy Ministry said, defying a U.S. judge who held it in contempt a day earlier for taking illegal steps to meet its debt obligations. (Source: Reuters)

United Kingdom: Q2 GDP Growth Revised Up to 0.9%
UK’s GDP grew a quarterly 0.9% in Q2, according to the latest revision. This figure is slightly up from the previous estimate of 0.8%. In annual terms, GDP grew 3.2% in the second quarter. Revised data also indicate that the UK surpassed its pre-crisis peak already in Q3 last year, and not in Q2 this year as previously estimated. (Source: BBC)

Thailand: Thai Junta Approves $3 Billion Stimulus to Spur Growth: PM
Thai prime minister announced on Wednesday a stimulus package of around 100 billion baht (USD 3 billion), which will be used to spur economic growth by creating jobs and helping farmers. (Source: Reuters)

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