Peru: Peru’s Central Bank Holds Key Interest Rate at 3.50 pct
Peru’s central bank held the benchmark interest rate at 3.50 percent on Thursday, as widely expected, saying that economic activity remained weak though it showed some signs of recovery. (Source: Reuters)

Europe: Summers, Schäuble Go Head to Head on Ailing Europe
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers went head to head on Thursday, in a discussion over the best way to reinvigorate the European economy. (Source: CNBC)

Japan: IMF Urges Japan to Manage Inflation Expectations
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) pointed out that Japan will not meet its 2.0% inflation target in 2015 and underlined the need to manage inflation expectations. (Source: Bloomberg)

Russia: Russia Moves Ruble Band in Biggest Intervention Since March
Russia’s central bank shifted the ruble’s trading band the most since the incursion into Ukraine started as it burns through nearly USD 2 billion of reserves to stem the worst depreciation since June. The Bank announced that it moved the upper band by 20 kopeks to 44.85 on 9 October. (Source: Bloomberg)

Germany: Merkel Hints at Economic Policy Shift in Germany
Recent economic news in Germany were not encouraging for Europe’s largest economy. Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed a growing willingness to use government spending to stimulate growth, which means a possible shift in position that could ripple across the entire eurozone. (Source: New York Times)

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