Singapore: Singapore Expands More Than Estimated on Global Demand
In the third quarter, Singapore’s economy expanded 1.2% over the previous quarter due to a boost in manufacturing. The sector benefited from increasing global demand . (Source: Bloomberg)

China: China Investment to Pick Up, Can Meet 2014 Economic Growth Target: Planner
Investment growth in China is expected to pick up in the following months of this year, as the government is pushing forward with infrastructure projects in an effort to support growth. (Source: Reuters)

Mexico: Volatility ‘Going to Be a Challenge’: Mexico FinMin
Market volatility will remain high as the U.S. moves closer to raising interest rates, and could pose difficulties for emerging markets, Mexico’s Finance Minister told CNBC on Tuesday. (Source: CNBC)

Ireland: Irish to Exit Austerity as Attention Turns to Company Tax
Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan, will announce today the budget for next year. This is expected to be the first budget in which the government is not planning an increase in taxes since 2008. (Source: Bloomberg)

France: Nobel Prize in Economics: Who Is Jean Tirole?
Jean Tirole, 61, became the first French economist on Monday to win the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Science since the award was given to Maurice Allais in 1988. (Source: WSJ)

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