India: Modi Magic Enchants Voters in Maharashtra, Haryana Elections – Exit Polls
The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to emerge as the largest party in two state legislatures where it has traditionally been weak, exit polls showed, thanks to intense campaigning by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Victory in the Maharashtra and Haryana state elections will make it easier for Modi to launch unpopular reforms to remove price caps on natural gas and diesel, which economists say will help India balance its accounts and reduce shortages of energy. (Source: Reuters)

China: China Credit Growth Climbs as Targeted Easing Kicks In
China’s broadest measure of new credit rose to a three-month high in September as the central bank’s targeted measures to boost liquidity helped spur lending. (Source: Businessweek)

Global: Will Treasury Fields Fall to 1.5%?
With Treasury yields confounding predictions they would rise this year, one bank is polishing up its previously tongue-in-cheek prediction the 10-year yield would fall to 1.5 percent. (Source: CNBC)

Argentina: Argentina’s Lawyers Meet Debt Mediator
Argentina’s lawyers met with a court-appointed debt mediator on Wednesday, but they attended only as officers of the court rather than representing the country in its years-old legal battle with holdout hedge funds. (Source: Reuters)

Greece: Greek Bailout Exit Plan at Risk Amid Bond, Stock Selloff
A decline in stocks and bonds have pushed yields to levels that investors say brings out the possibility that Greece leaves once again the financial markets. As a result, leaving the bailout program right now may prove that fiscal improvement so far is unsustainable. (Source: Bloomberg)

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