Russia: Russia Takes EU to Court Over Ukraine Sanctions
Russia is taking the European Union (EU) to court over sanctions imposed on some of its biggest companies. The move is a sign of the pain that the companies’ exclusion from global capital markets is inflicting on the Russian economy. Rosneft, the state oil company, and Arkady Rotenberg, a long-time friend and former judo sparring partner of President Vladimir Putin, have both launched legal challenges to the sanctions, imposed over Russia’s actions in Ukraine. (Source: CNBC)

China: Shrinking China’s Growth Target Gives Room to Tackle Debt
China will most probably set its growth target for next year at about 7.0% as the country is trying to tackle debt risks and imbalances. 2015’s target is lower that this year’s aim of 7.5%. (Source: Bloomberg)

United States: Data hows U.S. Economy’s Pulse is Still Strong
The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits fell to a 14-year low last week and industrial output rose sharply in September, positive signals that helped ease fears over the economic outlook. (Source: Reuters)

India: Arvind Subramanian is a Creative Thinker: US Think Tank
Arvind Subramanian, appointed as India’s Chief Economic Adviser, is more than just a mainstream macro-economist and is a creative thinker, the head of a top American think tank on economic issues said today. (Source: Economic Times)

Germany: Germany’s Economic Malaise Is Infecting Its Eastern Neighbors
The crisis in Ukraine is taking its toll on the Eastern European economies. Now, the bad news come from the West: a sharp economic slowdown in Germany, which is their biggest trading partner and foreign investor.

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