Cyprus: Cyprus GDP Upgrade Sparks Bailout Exit Plans
A change in European Accounting boosted the Cypriot GDP and public-finance outlook notably, increasing prospects that the country will sell bonds this year and exit the bailout program in 2015, a year early. (Source: Bloomberg)

United Kingdom: EU Budget: UK Will Have to Pay Extra €2.1bn by December
The European Commission told the UK that by the end of next month it must pay an extra EUR 2.1 billion contributions to the EU budget since the economy is performing better relative to the other EU countries. (Source: The Guardian)

China: Three Major Nations Absent as China Launches World Bank Rival in Asia
China proposed a USD 50 billion Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which is seen as a challenge to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. Australia, Indonesia and South Korea skipped the launch of the bank (Source: Reuters).

Brazil: How to Fix Brazil’s Broken Economy
China, India, and Brazil attract big investor dollars not because they are business paradises. In Brazil, despite its numerical advantages, the economy is stagnant and is expected to grow only 0.4% this year. What’s wrong? Many analysts have pointed out the obvious: Brazil needs to improve its education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Brazilians go to the polls on Sunday and this article presents a list of the policies, which should be on the agenda. (Source: Foreign Policy)

Eurozone: Europe’s Economic and Political Future will be Determined in the Next Few Days
An op-ed from Anatole Kaletsky, which mentions that Europe is at a make or break moment. Two different events will largely change the entire continent’s direction for years ahead: the parliamentary election in Ukraine and the bank “stress tests” and Asset Quality Review conducted by the European Central Bank. (Source: Reuters)

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