United States: Fed Set to End One Crisis Chapter even as Global Risks Rise
The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday is expected to shutter its bond-buying program, closing one controversial chapter in its crisis response even as it struggles to manage a full return to normal monetary policy. (Source: Reuters)

Sweden: Why Sweden Could become the New Switzerland
The Swedish central bank’s decision to slash its main interest rate to zero percent to combat deflation has prompted speculation that the bank’s next move may mirror action taken by its Swiss counterpart. (Source: CNBC)

China: China Can Cut Economic Growth Target To 7% In 2015: World Bank
China can afford to cut its 2015 economic growth target to 7 percent and still keep its labor market healthy, the World Bank said on Wednesday, even as it urged Beijing to stop setting rigid growth objectives. (Source: IBT)

United Kingdom: Double Blow for Cameron over EU Referendum and £1.7bn Demand
David Cameron suffered a double blow on Europe on Tuesday when a parliamentary bill to establish an EU membership referendum by the end of 2017 collapsed and a key UK ally told Britain to accept a demand from Brussels to pay an extra £1.7bn. (Source: The Guardian)

Ukraine: Ukraine Seeks Russia Gas Deal After Pro-Europe Poll Win
Ukraine resumes talks with Russia on securing winter gas supplies after voters in the war-torn country overwhelmingly elected pro-European parties to power. (Source: Bloomberg)

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