United States: The Fed Has Quietly Ended its Stimulus. Now the Hard Work Really Begins
The largest financial stimulus program in the history of the United States has ended. Now the really interesting chapter of the American economy begins. (Source: The Guardian)

Brazil: Brazil Shocks with Interest Rate Hike in Wake of Election
Brazil’s central bank raised interest rates on Wednesday, surprising investors with a move that signals President Dilma Rousseff could make more market-friendly policy changes after her narrow re-election victory on Sunday. (Source: CNBC)

Japan: Bank of Japan Faces Prospects of Failure over Inflation Target
The Bank of Japan’s likely failure to meet the 2% inflation target within the self-imposed 5 months deadline might weaken Kuroda’s so far unchallenged authority to implement radical changes and casts doubts on his approach to revive the economy. (Source: Reuters)

United Kingdom: Housing Market is Losing Momentum, Nationwide Says
According to Nationwide, the country’s biggest mortgage lender, house price inflation slowed to 9.0% in October. The figure was down from the 9.4% observed in September. (Source: BBC)

Iran: Iran’s Oil Revenue Falls 30% Because of Global Price Decline
According to President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s oil revenue fell by 30% due to a recent decline in global oil prices. As a result, growth is expected to suffer this year. (Source: Bloomberg)

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