Europe: Why the ECB May Not Want to Join the QE Dance
As one major central bank – the U.S. Federal Reserve – closes the quantitative easing door, markets are hoping another – the European Central Bank – will throw it wide open again. (Source: CNBC)

United Kingdom: UK Faces Punitive Interest Charges if Cameron Ignores £1.7bn EU Bill
David Cameron’s refusal to pay a European budget surcharge of £1.7bn by the end of the month will incur punitive extra costs, with interest charged instantly on a rising monthly scale, the new European commission warned on Monday on its first working day in office. (Source: The Guardian)

Ukraine: Ukraine Crisis: President Poroshenko in Talks over Rebel Polls
Ukraine’s president is to chair a crisis meeting of his security chiefs, following elections in rebel-held areas which Kiev describes as a “farce”. (Source: BBC)

Global: ‘We are at Such a Moment of Uncertainty’: Bill Gross
Famed bond investor Bill Gross on Monday warned that deflation remained a growing possibility despite aggressive monetary policies by central banks around the world. (Source: Reuters)

Indonesia: Indonesia Plans One-Stop-Shop for Permits to Cut Red Tape
Indonesia will streamline the government’s permit process by combining ministry licenses in a one-stop service, as the country seeks to attract investment to narrow a trade deficit. (Source: Bloomberg)

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