Germany: 25 Years After the Berlin Wall: What’s Changed?
CNBC looks at how Germany’s economy and its role in Europe have changed since West and East reunified a quarter of a century ago, in a day that has come to represent the triumph of democracy and freedom over communism. (Source: CNBC)

United Kingdom: David Cameron Says He Will Reject Instalment Plan for £1.7bn EU bill
David Cameron has made clear he will not accept a mooted compromise deal on the EU’s £1.7bn budget demand – and said the row is pushing Britain towards the exit door. (Source: The Guardian)

China: PBOC Confirms New Liquidity Tool as It Holds Off Easing
The People’s Bank of China confirmed it pumped 769.5 billion yuan ($126 billion) into the country’s lenders in the last two months through a newly-created Medium-term Lending Facility. (Source: Bloomberg)

United States: U.S. Jobs Data to Show Economy’s Resilience
U.S. employers likely hired new workers at a fairly brisk clip last month, underscoring the economy’s resilience in the face of slowing global demand. (Source: Reuters)

Greece: Euro Zone Considers Three Bailout Exit Options for Greece
Euro zone finance ministers will consider three options on Thursday for what happens after Greece exits its bailout at the end of the year, seeking to balance the need to reassure investors with the demands of domestic Greek politics. (Source: Reuters).

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