United States: Fed Focused On Sunny Side, Downplayed Global Woes In October
The U.S. Federal Reserve wrestled with whether to nod to financial market volatility and a weakening global economy in its policy statement last month, but opted not to out of worry it could send an unwarranted signal of pessimism. (Source: IBT)

United Kingdom: Why UK needs ‘radical’ change as exports fall
The U.K. government needs to make radical changes to halt the slide in export growth, the head of British Chambers of Commerce told CNBC. (Source: CNBC)

Japan: Japan’s Exports Rise Most in 8 Months in Recovery Sign
Japan’s exports rose the most in eight months in October, supporting an economy that fell into recession last quarter. (Source: Bloomberg)

Sweden: Sweden ready to use unconventional policy tools – c.banker Floden
Sweden’s central bank is prepared to take further measures to fight low inflation even though rates are at zero, Riksbank Deputy Governor Martin Floden said on Wednesday. (Source: Reuters).

Indonesia: Widodo Seeks to Defuse Fuel Protests With Budget Benefits
President Joko Widodo’s fuel prices hike has met strong opposition from the public, provoking protests in Jakarta. However, so far, the protests have been small in size. (Source: Bloomberg)

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