France & Italy: France, Italy to Avoid Immediate EU Action Over Budgets
France and Italy will escape immediate punishment over weaknesses in their 2015 budget proposals as the European Union tries to balance the need for continued austerity with a desire for greater investment. (Source: Bloomberg)

Japan: Japan Inflation Slows to Lowest Level in a Year
A flurry of economic data released Friday revealed a mixed picture for Japan, suggesting the outlook remains challenging for the world’s third biggest economy which slipped into recession in the third quarter. (Source: CNBC)

Global: WTO Adopts Historic Trade Deal After Months-Long Standoff
The World Trade Organization (WTO) on Thursday announced the adoption of a historic trade deal, which, according to some estimates, could add nearly $1 trillion annually to global trade. The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), which is the WTO’s first-ever multilateral accord, was approved by its 160 member nations in Geneva after months of deadlock, according to a statement released by WTO. (Source: IBT)

Greece: Greece Set to Accept Continued Role for IMF, Kathimerini Understands
Following inconclusive two-day talks with the troika in Paris, government officials indicated Thursday that it is unlikely the current review will be completed in time for the December 8 Eurogroup. This means there would not be enough time to negotiate the terms of a precautionary credit line with the eurozone before the start of the new year. (Source: ekathimerini).

United Kingdom: Immigration: David Cameron to Outline Benefit Restrictions
Prime Minister David Cameron is due to announce today benefit restrictions on migrants from the EU. The changes, which he will seek if he wins the 2015 elections, will require the migrants to wait fours years before receiving benefits such as welfare payments and council houses. (Source: BBC)

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