Greece: Greece President Vote Inconclusive after First Round
The Greek parliament has failed to elect a new president in the first of three rounds of voting. The government’s candidate got 160 votes – 40 short of an outright win. (Source: BBC)

United States & Cuba: U.S., Cuba Restore Ties after 50 Years
The United States and Cuba agreed on Wednesday to restore diplomatic ties that Washington severed more than 50 years ago, and President Barack Obama called for an end to the long economic embargo against its old Cold War enemy. (Source: Reuters)

United States: Fed Confident on U.S. Growth, Opens Door Wider to Rate Hike
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday offered a strong signal that it was on track to raise interest rates sometime next year, altering a pledge to keep rates near zero for a “considerable time” in a show of confidence in the U.S. economy. (Source: Reuters).

Russia: Putin Seeks to Soothe Ruble Worries at News Conference
Vladimir Putin is expected to expected to speak today at his annual press conference. The Russian President is keen to avoid any dramatic steps such as firing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev following the currency crisis. (Source: Bloomberg)

Singapore: Signs Point to Easing Bias for Singapore
Disappointing data could see Singapore’s central bank change its tune at next year’s monetary policy review, economists say. (Source: CNBC)

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