Malaysia: Red Lights Blinking on Malaysia’s Economic Dashboard
Tumbling oil prices are putting pressure on Malaysia’s commodity-driven economy, not merely by hurting its exports and currency but more so by putting an unwelcome spotlight on the huge debts that the country runs. (Source: The Malaysian Insider)

Ukraine: Ukraine Fighting at Airport Forces Rush of Diplomacy
The escalation of fighting in Ukraine after a lull last month, which is threatening to tip the country into full-blown war, is forcing diplomats across Europe to seek ways to stem the violence. (Source: Bloomberg)

United States: State of the Union: ‘Shadow of Crisis Has Passed’
President Barack Obama, facing a new Republican majority in Congress, asked for a broad package of tax and other reforms in his annual address to lawmakers. (Source: CNBC)

Brazil: Brazil Set for Another Steep Interest Rate Hike to Curb Inflation
Brazil will likely keep its aggressive pace of interest rate increases on Wednesday to rein in surging prices despite growing fears the once-thriving economy could plunge into recession this year. (Source: Reuters)

Egypt: Egypt’s Pound Weakens for Third Straight Day to 7.29 per Dollar
Egypt’s pound weakened to 7.29 per dollar at an unscheduled central bank auction on Tuesday from 7.24 a day earlier, the third depreciation this week in a process traders say aims to gradually stamp out a thriving black market. (Source: Reuters)

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